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When to eat fruit? Before or after eating?

There are many different ways of eating fruit. Some say that water is to be eaten on an empty stomach and fruit on a full stomach. Some say the fruit should be eaten before evening. So naturally you are confused. Which one to hear and which one to not hear! Find out what nutrition scientists are saying instead. In the words of nutritionists, fruit means a lot of natural vitamins, minerals and fiber (Healthiest Foods Fruits). So if half of the plate is full of fruit and half is green then it will fill the stomach. And don't eat the fruit on an empty stomach or on an empty stomach (Eat Fruits Before Or After A Meal?).

Also, nutritionists further claim that if you eat a few pieces of fruit half an hour before eating, you will get rid of the problem of excessive eating. You will save from the trouble of obesity. However, as a result, high levels of sugar or sugar should not be consumed in food. It can cause digestive problems. And there should always be at least half an hour gap between eating fruits and foods. Otherwise, neither food nor fruit will be digested. Because, the fruit itself is a self-sufficient meal.

When should fruit be eaten?

According to nutritionists, getting up in the morning after eating a glass of water will make the body free of contamination. Digestive capacity will increase. You will get more nutrition. But usually, fruit can be eaten between breakfast and lunch. In addition, choose fruit as a snack in the afternoon or evening. That is, fruits can be eaten after dusk.

In addition, a few pieces of fruit before eating, goes to the fiber in the stomach. Which helps to digest other foods. Again the stomach also keeps filling. Fruits with more fiber are apples, pears, bananas.

However, it is better not to eat fruit after eating at night. This is because the sugar contained in the fruit reduces the amount of sleep by providing extra energy to the body. So you can eat wool at least two hours before bed. However, the fruit on the dinner table or after dinner? No Never.

Want to reduce your risk of diabetes?

Basil is an easily available plant whose quality does not end when it comes to quality. Cold, cough, sore throat, various skin diseases, thousands of problems are common types of Tulsi. Tulsi honey ginger etc. is used as a home remedy for colds for a long time. Not only these diseases, but Tulsi's role in controlling diabetes is unique. The role of the basil leaf in stabilizing blood sugar levels is immense.

The use of basil is useful for patients with diabetes as it keeps the blood sugar level accurate. Basil leaves help to control cholesterol levels. It helps reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body and increases good cholesterol levels. A recent study found that basil helps reduce type 2 diabetes.

How does Tulsi work to control the level of sugar in the blood?
Basil blood sugar levels adjust - Blood sugar levels are corrected by playing basil leaves, which reduces the risk of diabetes. - Cortisol, a hormone reducing stress on the leaves of basil. - Basil leaves help reduce stress. If you suffer from headaches, you should take daily basil. Rinse the basil leaves in hot water and then you can get rid of headache by taking that water.

By eating basil leaves daily in the morning, many illnesses are avoided. Know that the leaves of the basil can cure some diseases:-

1. Combined with ginger and basil to reduce headache, headache can be reduced. Add basil leaves and ginger juice and apply on the head. This juice can also be eaten if you have a headache.
2. The use of basil is beneficial to increase the liver's ability to increase liver function and lower blood cholesterol. Tulsi leaves also reduce the odor of breath and sore throat.
3. Helps reduce fever and helps to relieve this problem by playing basil leaves during fever or flu. The use of basil also solves various problems in the stomach.
4. The various benefits of Tulsi leaves can also relieve problems like stomach ulcers, vomiting, gas, stomach upset.
Carrot juice hides the secrets of bright-shiny skin

Who does not like healthy lively shiny skin? And no matter how hard we try to get it, many people use different products, even get the help of a doctor. Still, is it always possible to maintain the brightness of the skin? The answer is often found in the negative. But you did not know for a long time that you do not need to put in a lot of effort to get shiny bright skin, you will get the answer if you enter your kitchen a little. Instead, the natural ingredients of the kitchen will work better than any chemicals or artificial creams or other products purchased from the store. It also has no side effects. One such grain is carrot. The role of carrots in your skin care can become unacceptable. That day, we knew that carrots play a role in maintaining the health of the body, eyes and hair. But did you know that carrots are also very useful in keeping the skin radiant? Carrots can be eaten in vegetables or in vegetables, in salads, by making juices - in a variety of ways. Carrots on your skin but can in fact make magic.

-:Carrot Facepack Tactics:-
 For dry skin:-
carrots contain a lot of potassium, thus moisturizing the skin and penetrating the skin. Paste half of a carrot. Mix one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of milk in it and put it on the face for 5 minutes. Then wash it in cold water. A lot of vitamin A is available in carrots for oily skin. Mix 1 tablespoon yogurt, besan and a few drops of lemon juice with carrot paste and wrap it in the mouth. After 5 hours wash in warm water. Mix the curd and egg whites with carrot juice and rub it in the face for 5 minutes to bring back the skin feeling. Then wash it in warm water. This will help in the formation of new cells. Carrots contain beta-carotene and carotenoids to protect them from the sun's harmful rays. It can also relieve burns from the sun's rays. Mix rose water with carrot juice and fill it in a spray bottle. If you get out in the sun, spray it on the face occasionally. Mixing carrot juice with anti-aging aloe vera will create a new collagen. By eliminating the hairline, it will be possible to prevent aging on your skin.

Why is cold - cold news

Colds are a disease we are very familiar with. There will never be a man who has never had a cold. Colds virus is the first of the diseases that people are most affected by. Older people are infected with the cold virus 2 to 3 times a year and children 8 to 12 times a year. Winter actually increases its incidence.

Symptoms: sore throat, nose closed, water run through nose, fever. The areas are especially headache, muscle ache, loss of interest etc. Duration of seven to ten days. The field can usually be for a maximum of three weeks.

How to get infected: There are more than 20 viruses that are responsible for a cold-like infection, one of which is rhinovirus. Rhinovirus is responsible for more than 5% of cold infections. The cold particles of these viruses accumulate in our nose from contaminated fingers or polluted air. Very few virus cells (3-5) are sufficient for infection. The virus cells then enter the adenoid area inside the nose itself. Virus cells bind to the receptors (ICAM 1) on the nasal cell surface. These receptors are mixed with a part called the docking port on the virus surface. After the receptor is attached, the virus starts transmitting to a cell. Then new virus cells begin to produce in the infected cells. Infected cells then die. Thus, the virus is infected with new cells and new virus cells are produced. This process goes on and we suffer from colds.
How it spreads: 
Cold sores. If the person touches a cold, or if his substance is not sterile, it can easily spread to the surrounding people. For example, clothes, desk, towels, even phones or laptops. Even if someone with a cold does not use a handkerchief or cough, the virus can spread to the air. Then anyone in the air can be affected by breathing. Ways to prevent colds: If we take certain precautions, we can get rid of colds very easily. Some of these are listed below: Stay at least three feet away from the cough or sneeze of the person suffering from cold cough. Because cough can easily be infected with the inside of your eyes or nose.Keep hands clean at all times. Because cold sores emitted by sneezing or coughing can stick to any object. It can be transmitted through touch.Take enough water. Consuming enough (at least eight glasses daily) water keeps the body pure and helps in the release of germs from the body. Do not open your nose or eyes frequently with fingers. - Exercise walking or gentle rest without lying in bed.Enough sleep at night. Eat low fat chicken soup. Because hot chicken soup provides the body with protein, vitamins and minerals, it helps the body fight the cold. If you have colds: What you can do as a primary or a home remedy: You can make a salad by mixing salt in hot water. This cold sore throat will give you a comfortable feeling in everything. Ginger tea can be eaten before bedtime. It will reduce the feeling of cough with your cold. You can heat some water in the oven and steam water. It will reduce the feeling of the nose closed. It will take some comfort to breathe. Saffron can be bathed in hot water. And of course, after bathing, it should be noted that the hair dries well. It will keep your body clean. In most cases, the cold is healed within 3-5 days. However, if you do not have any problems or feel better then seek the advice of a registered doctor and take the medicine if needed.


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